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Apple: I don't want yout stupid Itunes shitty-ass player. Seriously, stop trying to offer it to me, assheads!

Aaaand... Here's a shot of the smoke this morning with the sun shining through:

Summit Fire
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I received my clothes from Banana Republic in the mail yesterday. Everything is so nice. It's nice to have a pair of trousers that aren't jeans have legs that balance my upper half, and not make me look like an inverted pear. The sweaters are the best part, one is gray, the other a sage green color, and both are angora/cashmere/cotton blends. They are soft, not too thin, but still light. They are loose enough that when I wash them, a little shrinkage won't matter (I will be handwashing these, but only when necessary). The sweaters are also really warm, but not stiffling. Perfect for the typical weather here when you don't want to wear a coat. 

The shirts all fit nicely, although one is on the slightly snug side. It's not too bad though. I've fallen into blues and greens, which I don't mind, and are really the colors which look the best on me (no orange, thank you). I do plan on getting some cheaper shirts to fill in my wardrobe, but because I've got champagne taste with a boone's farm salary, I've got to pick and choose things carefully. This time, it meant looking at Banana's sales, which are very nice, and pretty reasonable considering the clothes they sell are on the pricey side full price. 

I wore the light green dressshirt, sage green sweater, and khaki boot cut chinos, and all the ladies here at work exclaimed how nice I looked. They were suspicious I was going somwhere like an interview. I think I even inspired some of them to look for nice, new clothes. I know the Associate VP would prefer all of the men to wear suits, dress shirts and ties, but I really think that we aren't that formal here. The only people who go that far are upper management.


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